Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, heck!

I've been blogging over on my private account, the PawPaw's House hosted by Verio. Over the last several days I've been having trouble accessing my accounts over there and I've learned that my site traffic is in excess of what is allowed on my little piddly account. I'm getting 1600 hits per day, so I've decided to come back to Blogger. I'll take a few days for things to calm down, but as soon as I can get online over there, I'll move the traffic to this site and decide what I'm going to do with the verio account.

Who knew when I started this blog that I'd be getting so much traffic on a little blog that I started for my own amusement?

Just damn.


Hobie said...

Back and forth we go...

farmist said...

Left this on the appropriate post at the other site, but not sure you'd see it there.

Gunthing fora have moved, courtesy of Chris Byrne, .308Mike, et al.

George said...

Some are up, and some are down. Ever since Google did me for "questionable content" (probably my Boobie section), those searches for ta-tas have led somewhere else other than my blog, so I'm off about 70%.

Bothers me not, I don't write this blog for the goat-herders who leered at the photos I used to post.