Friday, June 15, 2007

Grant Police Jury sees the Light.

I see where the Grant parish Police Jury has seen the light regarding the Jena Choctaw tribe and their proposed casino.

As I understand the brouhaha at this point, the Dept of Interior has recognized the tribe's land in Grant Parish as a reservation, which cleared the way for the tribe to build a Class II casino. The tribe would like to build a Class III casino on that land, to compete with the Tunicas in Marksville and the Coushattas in Kinder.

A class III casino requires the Governor's approval.

The Grant Police Jury voted to support the Choctaw in their quest for a Class III casino and the compact helps the Police Jury with needed "impact payments" for infrastructure.
"With or without the governor, we are going to move forward with the building of this casino. We want the people of Grant Parish to benefit as well. By entering into a compact with us, the state, and especially the parish, would get the impact payments needed to build up this area's infrastructure."
Local pastors are opposed to the plan.

The pastors don't see the whole picture, and I expect most pastors to be opposed to gaming. Just like I expect them to be opposed to drinking, and horse racing, and prostitution and anything else that might be an impediment to the soul of Man.

However, the casino is coming, in either Class II or Class III guise. The Grant Police Jury recognized the inevitability of that casino and did what was best for their constituents. The question was fairly simple: Given that a casino will be built in Grant Parish, should the citizens of Grant Parish benefit from that casino?

The Police Jury answered, appropriately, yes.


Hobie said...

Could you explain "police jury" to those of us from outside Louisiana?

Anonymous said...

The Napoleonic equivalent of a board of supervisors or other governing body of a county.

Hobie said...