Thursday, June 21, 2007

Congressman Alexander on Immigration

Congressman Alexander responded to my Immigration letter, this morning sometime after I accused him of lacking basic courtesy to constituents. He replies:
More importantly, passage of S. 1348 would pose a danger to America. Many illegal immigrants that would be granted amnesty from this bill are terrorists. This bill weakens national security by ignoring the threat posed by amnesty. Some illegal immigrants want to come to America for the jobs and benefits, some want to harm America.

Rest assured, I will use my position on the House Immigration Reform Caucus to ensure that if and when a counterpart to this bill is introduced in the House of Representatives, it does not pass. America deserves nothing less that the defeat of this, or any other bill that provides amnesty to illegal immigrants.
Very Good.

Many pundits have noted that many in Congress want to pass the Immigration Bill, Senate 1348, but the voters are overwhelmingly opposed to it. The voters are demanding accoutability on the issue and continued pressure on our Congressmen will insure that this bill is strongly defeated.

We've heard from Senator Vitter and Congressman Alexander on the issue. Where is Senator Landrieu?

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Anonymous said...

I too have heard from Vitter and his letter was quite similar. Bustany was a fence sitter. Landrieu is lost in action...not a peep.