Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hog Lard

We notice that Chris, over at Anarchangel, has had a fatwa placed against him, and he is dealing with it in a curiously American way; by laughing about it. In one post, he revealed that he has dipped all his bullets in pig fat, and that if he has to use one, the pig byproduct will make sure the target doesn't go to heaven.

Back in the day, the best lubricant for bullets was sperm oil and beeswax, mixed in approximately equal proportions. I have a Sharps rifle, and I cast my own bullets for it, and wanted to use a traditional lube, but I noticed a distinct lack of sperm oil hereabouts. Sperm oil seems to have gone the way of the bone corset.

So, my podna started looking around for a suitable replacement, and found hog lard. There are plenty of hogs in Louisiana, and finding hog lard isn't much of a stretch for an active imagination. There are bees, too, and beeswax is fairly easy to obtain. So, he mixed hog lard and beeswax and came up with a suitable base for cast bullet shooting. Add a little Alox and we call it Junior Lube.

So, pre-9/11/2001, Junior and I were using the pre-eminent anti-jihadi bullet lube, one made of pig fat. We are ahead of the bell curve on this process and have offered our lube to the shooting public without expectation of remuneration.

For your edification, below is a picture of my bullets, dipped in Junior Lube, resized, and ready to seat in the cartridge. You will note that the bullet is a 500 grain, pure lead slug that is propelled by Hodgdon 777, a black powder substitute.

For those who believe I can't shoot it, a sample target is below. I have since regulated the sights to fire exactly two inches high at 100 yards, which gives me the ability to hit a man-sized target out to about 225 yards. That is a long, long shot in forested Louisiana.

I use this lube on all my cast bullets, and it has served me well with the addition of Alox for the faster bullets. Both of my arms-reach pistols are currently holding cast bullets with this lube on them. All jihadi folks are pre-warned. I use hog-based lube.


Anonymous said...

The mangled remains of suicide bombers should be gathered and buried sans-caskets in pig pens. Perhaps a 10 acre or so pig pen somewhere could be set aside for this purpose. I hereby pledge the cost of one sack of hog chow per month.

Anonymous said...

"Ed's Red" (do a google search) uses ATF fluid as a replacement for sperm oil. Perhaps that would work.

Anonymous said...

I think this should get out,about using lard and beeswax,for bullet lube.
I made a batch a few days ago.
Before long,I'll be lubing my 45 Colt and 45-70 bullets with this lube.
I,too, want those muzzies to get the word.
Thank you !!!