Monday, July 11, 2005


My honey-do list got longer over the weekend. Milady has been lobbying for a deck to go with the new fence and yesterday afternoon we stopped by the lumber yard to look at pavers. There is one spot in the yard, with the new fence, that is inconvenient to attack with a lawnmower. It is a little spot 6' X 8' between the patio and the main entrance gate to the yard. I decided the thing to do was to put pavers in, so we went to pick out pavers and she picked one that matches the bricks on the house. Anyway, while we were there, we stopped at the book rack and picked out a book on decks. She drew a deck this morning while I was doing prep work for the pavers.

It'll still be three or four days before I am finished with the little paving job, but the excavation is complete and tomorrow morning I'll complete the foundation, then start laying the pavers.

The lady has her deck drawn in concept and it looks fairly simple, 12' X 16', to cover a low spot in the yard. Her drawing has some detail, but I told her I needed to know exactly what she wants, because when I start digging holes and pouring concrete for the foundations it will be too late to change the plans.

After she went to work this afternoon, I noticed that the temps were in the high 90's, so I decided to take a nap. After the nap I went out to the lake and threw the boat in the water. The lake that adjoins our property has baffled me, because I know there are fish in there, but I couldn't find them. This afternoon I worked the edges of the grassy areas with an H&H spinner bait and a Beetle Spin spinnerbait, with no luck. I have always had good luck fishing with a spinnerbait and it is my standby when fishing is slow. This little lake is re-educating me about fishing.

I noticed that there were two small islands joined by a shallow area that had a weedy bottom, and since I was dredging with the spinnerbaits, I decided to try a topwater. I looked in my box and found a Rapala jointed, and I tied it on the line.

Oh, yeah. I no sooner threw it out, than a smallish bass hit it. I was using light tackle and he gave me a good fight. When I landed him, I admired him a minute, then slipped him back in the water. I moved down fifty feet and cast again. Wham! Another strike. This bass a little larger, about a pound and a half. Again, I landed and released. I caught three more before the sun went down, all on that Rapala.

Tomorrow, when I go to Wally-World, I am going to get a few more topwater baits for the tackle box. Then, when the Lady wants to go fishing, I'll take her out to the grass beds and let her whoop it up catching small bass. Her rod and reel is lighter than mine and those little bass ought to give it a workout.

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