Monday, July 18, 2005

It's a MAD world

Remember MAD (not the magazine, you dummy)? Mutually Assured Destruction. Wherein we let the Soviets know that if they launched a nuclear attack, we would heave so many nukes at them, the very soil of Mother Russia would still be glowing in a thousand years? Yeah, that MAD.

It worked, didn't it? No madman was daft enough to launch an attack when he knew that by doing so, his homeland would be destroyed... unliveable... toast.

Well, a Colorado Congressman, The Honorable Tom Tancredo has his butt in hot water over saying those very same things. That if the Muslim Madmen launch a nuclear attack against the US, we could respond by melting Mecca.

Hell, I like it. Those who would do us harm would be wise to remember that we still lead the way in stockpiling nukes. They should also remember that the United States is the only country ever to use nuclear weapons as a war-shot.

It is one thing to come out and fight. It is something else entirely to slink around with a bomb. We should seriously consider using nukes as retaliation for using nukes. Makes sense to me.

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Anonymous said...

I think the ONLY reason North Korea hasn't sold a nuclear bomb to al Crazy for X billion dollars is the fact that the bomb's signature would be traced back to its country of origin. In other words, after the USA blast . . . goodbye country of origin.

Now if Iran gets one . . . well, they'll think that's good because they'll all go to heaven.