Monday, April 03, 2017

The Weather

The major news for yesterday is that our little chunk of Louisiana had weather yesterday.  Normally, we get weather every day, but yesterdays weather sucked.

High winds, torrential rains, hail, reports of tornadoes, property damage.  It went from a balmy, breezy Sunday morning, to an oh-hell=all-hands-on-deck exercise in the space of an hour.  Lots of trees down, power lies crashed, signs destroyed.  I haven't heard any reports of loss-of-life, and that's a blessing, but otherwise, central Lou isiana took a hit.

PawPaw's acre is fine, thank you.  Belle and I survived quite nicely, and the Dawg is okay, even if his weather psychosis kicked up a notch or two.  He was a skeered dawg for about eight hours.

Most of the heavy weather came in after dark, on our side of the river, so we'll be assessing after the sun comes up.  Rapides Parish schools are closed today, and they've even told the central office staff to stay home.    For myself, I intend to hang around the house today and piddle on some ongoing projects.

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