Wednesday, April 26, 2017


There's something weird going on in the American political sphere.  I'm reading that Ann Coulter is scheduled to speak t UC-Berkeley and the local constabulary is expecting riots.  Really?
As the Berkeley Police Department gears up for yet another showdown between First Amendment supporters and violent "anti-fascists," questions have arisen regarding the mayor's ties to a local anti-fascist group. Ann Coulter vowed to move ahead with a planned speaking engagement at the university on Thursday after her speech was canceled due to security concerns.
Has the American Left become so insecure that they resort to violence and intimidation whenever they are presented with differing viewpoints?  Universities are exactly the proper place to explore differing viewpoints, practice tolerance, and challenge rigidely held beliefs.  It seems that the folks from California have forgotten that.

That's a damned shame.


Judy said...

It's just not California's colleges it is a national problem. As a college student, under-grad or graduate level, whatever you do, don't express any conservative opinions if you expect to pass the class. That's how bad it has gotten.

Jonathan H said...

I would say that while some of them are insecure, during the Obama Administration others have felt they no longer need to maintain the facade of tolerance or civility and could show their true colors - the desire to force everyone to be like them, to share and support their plans to remake society. Combine that with anger at the rest of the country for the election not going the way they wanted it to and you have what to them are the perfect reasons to lash out.
Notice that they are only doing it in areas where the local government agrees with them and tacitly supports their violence - they are still cowardly enough that they haven't tried it in a less permissible environment. I bet that they won't, for a long time if ever.

Old NFO said...

And... She had to call off her speech... sigh...