Friday, April 29, 2011

Varget, in comments

Reader Skip, notes, in commments:
Don't know about hunting loads but 43gr of Varget under 168gr Berger hpbt VLD Match will clover leaf if I hold up my end.
I've heard that about Varget, and Junior has recommended it to me. If you go to the Hodgdon Burn Rate chart, you'll see that Varget falls in at number 99, with RL15 at number 97. Evidently those two powders have very similar burn rates. That would explain why the both do so well in that cartridge.

I don't load much target ammunition, indeed, I don't even own any target rifles. I've bought two heavy harreled target rifles for sons, but my rifles are standard hunting fare.

Indeed, if you go to the Alliant site, you wont see many RL15 loads for the .308 Winchester, when that powder was one of their mainstays. What you will see is a new powder called Power Pro 2000-MR. According to the literature, it's a spherical medium rifle powder that is supposed to be the latest and greatest. All their online recipes use 2000-MR. Go figure, that's the nature of marketing.

I know RL15 works in the .308, and that's the only caliber I use it for. My local retailer normally has it in stock. However, I've never seen a pound of Varget on his shelves. In this central Louisiana marketing area, there is exactly one retailer that carries powder, so we use what's available.

One of these days I'm going to have to try a pound of Varget. I've heard great things about it.

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Jester said...

The evidence is still out there for me, but my tinkering with Varget at least for the 223/5.56 class is that it is a bit hotter than IMR 4895 though my AR 15 set ups, but it is cleaner burning with much less muzzle flash. Accuracy is a touch better as well, but nothing to really loose sleep over.