Wednesday, April 06, 2011

That Ugly Rifle

Thanks for all the comments on that sad, sad rifle I brought home the other day. I've been busy with other things, so this project is going to be on the back burner for a while.

Junior says, in comments.
Put a 20" 1-24 to 1-32 twist 358 Winchester barrel on it and have the ultimate thicket rifle using a 190 - 250 gr cast FP bullet @ 2000 fps. The stock is plastic, so just slide that front action hole back a tad and epoxy it in place. Give it an over-all coat of Krylon OD paint.

That's a good idea, buddy, except for one thing. That stock ain't plastic. The Ultimate Sniper Stock is Choate Machine Tools interpretation of a stock originally designed by Major John Plaster. The damned thing is a fairly good stock, if you like that sort of thing. It's made out of some kind of hard plastic/fiberglass and it's got a full-length aluminum bedding block. And, it's heavy. I bet that stock weighs five pounds, all by itself.

You can click that picture to enlarge it, but there ain't no moving that hole without a machine shop in direct support. Besides, I don't like that style of stock. It's okay for the tactical guys, but I haven't worn camouflage to work in over a decade. I don't intend to start again anytime soon.

I'm thinking something more classic. Good wood, a blind magazine, a small fixed power scope, probably a Weaver K6. It may take me a year or more to build it, but this rifle is going to be light and handy. I did some checking today and I think that a .257 Roberts cartridge will fit in that magazine box.

That'll give the grandkids something to drool over.


J said...

> I did some checking today and I think that a .257 Roberts cartridge will fit in that magazine box.

But you've got a 243. There ain't much difference.

Retired Spook said...

Running a .257 in a short action is do-able, but you have to seat the bullets (esp. the 115-120 gr.) so deep, in order to make them fit in the magazine, that you lose a lot of powder capacity.

I'd stick with .243, if it was mine.


J said...

Thanks, Spook, that reinforces what I said about making it a 358 Winchester.

J said...

A couple of points after looking at the full-size photos.

(1) How much would that stock weigh if you whacked it off below the scope objective bell? I bet it would lose 1/3 to 1/2 of its weight.

(2) You could move the front action screw hole rearward via a rat-tail file. Then fill in the excess with epoxy.