Sunday, April 10, 2011

Summer Weather

We're beginning our summer weather pattern, which is readily apparent to anyone who watches the weather in central Louisiana. Warm muggy mornings with warm muggy afternoons, followed by warm muggy nights. This will only change when we begin getting warm muggy mornings followed by scorching hot muggy afternoons.

It was hot enough yesterday afternoon that we had an umpire go down at the ball park. One minute he was calling the game, the next moment, he was on his knees in distress. We managed to get him off the field into the shade, out of his protective gear and pump fluids into him. This is a guy who spent his whole life in south and central Louisiana, and he was embarrassed about not staying properly hydrated.

Here's a look at our summer weather pattern. It's a standard weather map, but it's one that I've seen all my life. In these latitudes, weather comes from the west.

A cold front (yeah, right, but they've got to call it something), causes moist air to move north from the Gulf, pumping moisture into the interior. That's why we have rain. As the front moves through, that moisture turns into thunderstorms, which dumps rain on our mildewed butts. Then the sun comes out and bakes us in a warm convection oven.

Summer in Louisiana. One of the joys.


Rivrdog said...

At least youu HAVE summer. Here in the PacNorWest, summer starts on the 12th of July, ends about the end of August.

This last month, we got to 60 degrees exactly 3 days out of 31, which also happened to be the only three days without measurable rain (but it was only the 5th wettest March on record). The MOSS is drowning in my lawn, that's how wet the ground is.

We just had a couple of days of dry, but rain is forecast again. It might make 55 today, probably not.

Be happy you can grow something besides moss and slugs!

Old NFO said...

Ah yes... Summer in the South! :-)

Anonymous said...

Up Nawf heah in the Puget Sound basin, we grow more moss, better slugs, alder trees and the Washington State Flower, Black Mildew. It's glorious, it is.

Both of our seasons, Rainy and Road Construction are balmy and pleasant, the Rainy season being good for hunting and steelhead fishing and Road Construction for general fishing and camping. Fishing in the salt chuck is good year-round. If the weather is too dark or windy for a day or two to fish or hunt, one can hunker under a blue tarp and read about fishing or hunting. What's not to like?

Gerry N.