Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I remember back in the day, every serious shotgunner used a Winchester Model 12. Every serious rifleman used a Winchester Model 70. Every serious levergunner had a Model 94, or a Model 92.

Then, Winchester was gone.

It looks like they're back and no one told me.

They're back with a whole lot of guns that I used to drool over. The Model 101, the Model 70, 94, and 92. They're even building a High Wall.


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

I pulled Pop's model 12 out today to oil it. Man, that's a beautiful gun!

J said...

Check out the Trapper 16" takedown M92. Damn. Why wasn't I born rich instead of good lookin'?

Rich Jordan said...


Wow. Nice but definitely on the pricey end of things.

Rivrdog said...

If you like old-era guns, look at the replicas by Uberti and Rossi.

I recently had an opportunity to hold a Civil War era LeMat replica, and it's quality was superb. I didn't ask how much the advanced revolver/shotgun cost, though.

Here's a report on one of them.

Old NFO said...

The new rifles are being made in Columbia, SC by FN... Got a tour and got to look at a 'new' Model 70 classic. They are outstanding! Everything is CNC machined, close tolerances, and as good as the pre-64's (my opinion). I've got one on order now.