Friday, May 21, 2010

Calderon is a Hypocrite

Mexico's president Calderone told Wolf Blitzer that Mexico requires people to show documentation and that illegal aliens aren't able to work in Mexico.
BLITZER: Do Mexican police go around asking for papers of people they suspect are illegal immigrants?

CALDERON: Of course! Of course!

BLITZER: If somebody sneaks in from Nicaragua or some other country in Central America through the southern border of Mexico and they wind up in Mexico, they can going get a job?

CALDERON: No, no, no.

BLITZER: They can work?

CALDERON: If somebody do that without permissions, we send — we send back them.
Yet, when he comes to the United States, Calderon rips the US for doing the very thing he says Mexico does.
WASHINGTON -- As Mexican President Felipe Calderon ripped Arizona's law clamping down on illegal immigrants in front of Congress on Thursday, Democrats and White House officials rose to their feet to cheer, including Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano -- two officials who have confessed to not even reading the law.

The man doesn't like Arizona law (which mirrors US law) but he deports illegal immigrants he finds in Mexico. He's a hypocrite.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, it IS kinda interesting how he twists things isn't it???

Anonymous said...

Hypocrite is much to kind of a word for these A-- H----. Go back to you own country and take all you illegal friends with you....yea, thoes ones 0 to 99 in age. I am tired of paying for them. I got enough democrats to support.

Rivrdog said...

Here's a little Mexican Immigration story which you might find appealing.

First-person story.