Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shop Time

I spent the morning in my son's shop, helping with some tasks and completing a few tasks of my own.

The shop is the main reason my second son bought the house he bought. It's roughly 40X40 feet and is always filled with projects.

Here, Barrett on the left is laying out a welding project and Matthew is repairing a final drive for a bulldozer. There's a lot of technical knowledge in those two.

In this shot, Barrett is welding light metal with a wire-feed welder.

I left before they finished on the bulldozer. Suffice to say that the job wasn't going as well as they planned.

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Anonymous said...

Bulldozers?!!?!?!? Wire feed welders!?!?!?? (drool, drool, glazed eyes) can I come over and watch?!!?!?!?