Monday, May 31, 2010

Divorce Rings?

This is just about the most ignorant thing I've seen lately. Divorce rings. What, they're proud of it?

I know, lots of people get divorced. Still it's nothing to be proud of. Vaguely shameful, as a matter of fact. I damned sure don't want any jewelry reminding me (and telling the world) that I'm divorced.

Or this, the wedding ring coffin. How droll!


Hobie said...

To me a divorce is a statement of failure. Failed judgement, failed perseverance, failed morality, SOMETHING failed. I know, I am once divorced. To celebrate divorce is preposterous.

Windy Wilson said...

You know, what with divorce rings, and the push to same-sex marriages, within 50 years, the word "wedding" will signify a party given by a woman for her girlfriends to celebrate something in her life -- unless the Muslims take over first.

farmist said...

"Vaguely shameful, as a matter of fact"

There's the problem, right there. No shame any more.