Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I was over at the Graybeards Outdoor Forum and there was some discussion on twist rates on the .223 Handi. Some barrels are 1:9, some are 1:12. I figured I'd check mine and see what I have. It doesn't make much difference with bullets up to 60 grains, but knowledge is a good thing.

I went out to the bench and set up with a rod, patches, bore oil, measuring device. Stuck a patch on the jag, got it started. Rod wouldn't turn. Took the rod out, checked to make sure it would turn freely. Got a thicker patch, put some oil on the patch, tried to start it. Too thick. Piddled around with another jag, another patch, rod wouldn't turn in the bore, but would turn freely in my hand. Then decided to try a bore brush wrapped in a patch. Started it in the barrel and it got stuck. Tried to push it through, bent the rod. Got vise grips and tried to pull it out. Pulled the end off of the brush. Got another rod and pushed it back through from the other end. Put a jag in the 2nd rod, put a patch on it. Tried to push it through. Broke the jag off in the end of the rod. Threw that rod in the back of the truck. It's going to the dump with the other one.

I've checked twist rates on many, many rifles. This little .22 bore has me buggered. The bore is so small and the equipment so fragile that I'm now out of .22 rods.

I guess it's time to buy a good rod for .22 bores. And a couple of good brass jags.


**Update** Midway USA has a sale on Tipton carbon-fiber rods. That decides it.


J said...

I use mostly a stainless steel rod. I use it naked if I can run it from the breech to the bore, but if it has to go muzzle first I put a section of a plastic drinking straw at the start of the rifling.

I clean my bores only once per year unless they've been been out in the damp. Cast bores never get cleaned unless they've been out in the rain.

I buy brushes by the dozen from Brownells.

Anonymous said...

Dewey rods. Accept no others. Tight .22s may need a .17 rod. Sorry for your frustration.


J said...

You won't do much "pulling" with that rod even though the web site blurb says you can. VOE speaking.

Old NFO said...

Agree on the Deweys...