Friday, March 05, 2010

Reloading Friday

After I got off work today I started stuffing .38 special cases. My youngest son needs some ammo for a CCW course he's taking next month so I loaded a hundred rounds of Berry's 148 grain hollow-based wadcutters. He used some of this ammo in his revolver the last time he was home and it proved very accurate in his gun.

This load features whatever brass you've got on hand, a standard primer and 2.7 grains of Bullseye under the Berry's plated wadcutter. It gives about 650 fps and is a very accurate load in every revolver I've ever shot.

I also loaded a bunch of 158 grain semi-wadcutters. I use 4.3 grains of Unique over a middling soft bullet. That load runs about 890 fps and it's also one of those loads that is very accurate regardless of the revolver used. I loaded about 150 of those before I ran out of bullets. Tomorrow morning I'm going to get out the lead pot and cast some more bullets. I seem to use a lot of those Lee TL358158 cast bullets.

Now, it's Happy Hour.


Anonymous said...

We're fortunate here in the People's Republic of Washington. This is a shall issue State for concealed carry, with non-permit Open Carry. There is also no training required, just a $55.00 fee and a ten day wait for background and fingerprint check.

Any time I go camping or fishing, I just plop my old, trusted Star B into my old war surplus US Gumint issue M1911 holster and go. The Star B is so similar to a 1911 it garners the same respect even though it's just a 9mm. Something about an overweight white bearded geezer wearing what looks like a 1911 just makes life easy and everyone so polite stones smile.

Gerry N.

be603 said...

ummmm, 158 gr SWC. one of my favorite.

Old NFO said...

Yep 158gr works in ANY revolver! Shot a many of them through the Pythons!