Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Human rights

I was reading Alphecca, a favorite blog and he directed me to The guys there have made a good point.

Self defense is a human right, probably the most basic of human rights. Whether individual or collective, we have the right to defend ourselves and that right is codified in the 2nd Amendment. Guns, in and of themselves, have no rights. They are simply tools.
On one hand, we preach that guns are mere machines, inanimate objects and tools. On the other, we appear to be attempting to give ‘rights’ to these inanimate machines.

I submit to you a request; that we remove the phrase “gun rights” from our vocabulary and replace it with the more human, and more accurate, “gun-owner rights.”
It's a good point and might be a grammatical nit-pic, but the psychological impact is undeniable. Humans have rights. Tools don't. Yet, when someone seeks to limit my access to a tool, what they're doing is controlling me.


Anonymous said...

My State Representative is a flaming libtard, is very anti-gun, and lives just a few houses away. She does not like having me come to her "Town Hall" meetings because I ask her the same questions each time. "Why do you need me to be disarmed?" "What is it you can't do until I am disarmed?" Sometimes she gets angry, other times she tries to ignore me. Once in a while someone else really wants to know. Those are the good times.

Red Tornado said...

Great point, I lifted it and kept it going over at Nobody will see it there, but the more it's spread the better.
Take care,