Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shooting Saturday

I went to a pistol match today, sponsored by the Sheriff's office to benefit the Special Olympics. Officers from a number of agencies showed up to shoot, as did a citizens club.

Shooter's on the line. It's a beautiful range, with the capacity to accommodate 18 shooters per string on the qualification range. We also have a "shoot house" and a recreational range with 25 yard pistol, 300 yard rifle, and 5-stand shotgun areas.

Today there were multiple 18-shooter strings and then a team match. Conservatively, we raised about $2000.00 for Special Olympics today.

After I fired my match, I was pressed into service by the rangemaster, tallying score sheets and double-checking math.

How did I shoot? I didn't win any trophies, but I didn't embarrass myself.


Anonymous said...

Due to age and decrepitude, not embarrassing myself at shooting matches feels as good as winning did not too many years ago.

Gerry N,

Joey said...

The 66?

Old NFO said...

Sounds like a GOOD day all around Paw!

Pawpaw said...

Joey - yeah, the 66. Now it's time to get down the Kimber and start playing with it. There's another match inn June to benefit CASA (a local child advocacy group) and I'm thinking about shooting .45 in that match.