Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rolling Victory

Twenty four hours without food was not a problem. I stayed hydrated with black coffee and sweet iced tea. The lack of food was not a problem, but then I am a middle aged, overweight grandpa who could probably stand to miss a few meals.

After working a full shift, I came home, did some plumbing on the project house, filled in a trench I had dug, did some weed-eating, mowed some grass, and piddled around on my loading bench for an hour or so. I'll be abed in an hour or so and eat breakfast tomorrow morning.

Lesser mortals may have trouble fasting, but tankers are not lesser mortals.



Mary*Ann said...

No sir, they are not!

Mushy said...

Fasting is good for ya, although I haven't done it in quite a while.

I found that prayers really get answered when you make that offering.