Sunday, September 17, 2006

Range report

The new Savage 110 is a shooter. With the Hornady 150 grain SST bullets and surplus IMR 4895 powder, it shoots exceedingly well.

The LDWF range at Woodworth was open this afternoon. While I was there it was raining and I had to dry targets before I could write on them to record load data, but they look great now.

This load with 50 grains of powder shot just fine. You'll remember that I fired the rifle yesterday at the deer lease and put the bullets over the chronograph. Today I didn't erect the chrony. It was raining too hard. This target, with 50 grains of powder turned in a good group, at just under and inch.

A few minutes later, I shot the next target. The load in that particular string was 52 grains of 4895, Remington brass, Hornady 150 SST, and CCI 200 primer. Four shots went into 0.75 inch. I called the fifth shot as a flyer, telling my son "That hurt. I'm done." He replied, "Yeah, it went off the paper."

I still need to chronograph that load, and I will, but it turned in exceptional accuracy in falling rain. I suspect the load is running somewhere near 3000 fps, but I'll know more when I set up the chrony.

I feel like I am going to like this rifle a lot.


j said...

You just saw why Winchester discontinued the Model 70. That Savage cost . . . what? . . 2/3 the cost of a M70? 1/2?

matt said...

Those SSTs are some real bullets. I load those in .22 Hornet. Anything over 2500fps they explode. I can't imagine what a 30-60 is gonna do. Should have no trouble dropping deer, probably where they stand.

ben said...

If I wanted a new bolt action a savage would be my first choice because of the value. They used to be butt ugly but have always been accurate and with the acu-trigger that should be more true I think. The current ones are probably worth twice what they cost.

308Mike said...

I have an old 110FP pre accu-trigger and am REALLY thinking of selling it and getting a new one WITH said trigger. Mine has the old-style bolt with a great big slotted screw on the rear of the bolt that I keep having to torque down because it changes my lock times as it gets loose. I'll remove the glass and bipod before selling, but it's been a decent gun, I want a better trigger and bolt that doesn't work loose (even with a little loctite).