Sunday, September 03, 2006

Home again

I got Milady home at noon today. I cooked her a Homestyle Bakes lunch and she is resting comfortably, if a little nauseous.

I'm now in nurse-maid mode. The irony there is that I'm not the nurse, she is. I hope my attentions don't kill her.

I'm thinking beef stew for supper. I make a helluva beef stew.


oyster said...

A hearty "get well soon" to "Milady" from your friendly bivalve in New Orleans.

I hate staph infections and hospitals too. My 1 year old daughter got a severe staph infection last summer that required surgery and a week's stay at l'hopital. Just an awful experience for all of us, luckily she's fine except for a good sized scar.

For sure: Staph is no laugh.

And, as per usual, any mention of food at Paw Paw's House makes me hungry.... enjoy the stew!

Wild Bill said...

All my best to you and your family.. I have no doubts that she is in good hands.. You did have a good teacher.. Dont forget the flowers tho !!