Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rolling Victory

Today, September 12, 2006 I am participating in the Rolling Victory Fast sponsored by the Tanker Brothers.

The Tanker Brothers are two brothers who are actually fighting the War on Terror. One is a Cav Tanker (and we all remember that if you ain't Cav, you ain't s*it.) The other is a Master Gunner, the keeper of the flame for Tank Gunnery.

Back in July, when ole Whatsername was fasting to end the War on Terror, and eating ice cream, The Tanker Brothers decided that ending the War on Terror was a good thing, but that we should end it victorious. I concur. They used ole Whatsername's idea of a rolling fast and to demonstrate that they could do it better, longer, with greater participation. They have succeeded.

Whatever it takes, whatever the sacrifice, victory comes first.

Now, as support goes, a fast is little sacrifice except to focus spiritual energy away from the physical world into the spiritual one. All major religions fast as part of their spiritual catechism. Yesterday I remembered September 11th. Today, while my stomach growls, I will contemplate the sacrifices that have been made since that time.

Because I have been both in the Cav (2/6 Cav) and line Armor (4/37AR) and as a former tanker (97%, Q1, M60A3), I signed up for my duty in solidarity with my brothers. It is my honor to do so.


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Mary*Ann said...

Good fasting PawPaw

Hooah oops, I mean, Hoo frickin ahhh!