Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pawn Shop Cruising

I went back today to look at the .44 mag levergun I alluded to in the below post. I asked the counterman if he hadn't told me about a .44 lever?

"Yup" he said. "Sold it. You waited too long."

No matter. Turned out, it was a post-64 Winchester 94. Not SRC, just the 20" carbine. Nothing special at all about it. There will be others. He let it go for $250.00, which is more than I would have been willing to spend.

One of the benefits of crawling pawn shops is that you get some pretty good deals sometimes. Other times you miss out, which means you keep your hard-earned cash and wait for a better deal.

This isn't the best time to buy a gun, anyway. Anytime right after Christmas till the end of February, the pawn shops are going to load up with guns that folks need to sell to get through the winter. Maybe it seems like taking advantage of other folks misery, but I've been there, and didn't begrudge someone getting a good deal when I got the cash I needed.

I'll keep going to the pawn shops, but I'm probably not going to buy any firearms till after the New Year. Now is the time to be buying jewelry, which pleases Milady. Christmas is coming, after all.


Rachel said...

Can't go wrong with jewelry to keep Milady smiling at Christmas time!!

Xavier said...

I've often wondered the best time of year to buy and sell guns.......I usually say handguns at the beginning of deer season, everything else in the spring.

I agree, jewelry right now though...