Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This should please

the Oyster. From the Alexandria Daily Town Talk, dead tree edition. I couldn't find it online anywhere: My transcription:
Congress Backs Funds for Louisiana Hurricane Shield
Congress bolstered the outlook for building Louisiana's Hurricane protection system to defend against major 5 storms after a water and energy conference committee agreed on a major spending bill Monday.

The conference report includes a provision calling for the US Army Corps of Engineers to conduct an analysis and design of a new, stronger storm protection system at FULL FEDERAL EXPENSE, said Adam Sharp, a spokesman for US Senator Mary Landrieu. Sharp said the committee agreed to spend $8 million for the analysis and design project "significantly more than a study".
It went on to say that this lets us move faster to construction than just having a study done, and shortens the timeframe by several years. Sharp said it was encouraging that the same lawmakers who would be asked to approve construction funding moved quickly to authorize a multimillion dollar design phase.

Good for New Orleans. Hopefully, good for South Louisiana.


oyster said...

It's a study. A small start. We'll take it, but the worry is that when the study is completed, other priorities will have taken over and the urgent need will have been forgotten.

mostly cajun said...

I hope it does help Louisiana, but I rear that all it will do is give us more rich relatives and cronies...