Monday, September 14, 2020

Does Caliber Really Matter?

Does caliber really matter in a citizen engagement?  Claude Warner discusses caliber with Lucky Gunner and brings up some very valid points.

Like so many, my background is military and police.  I am a student of Jeff Cooper, who also had a big military background.  But, the mission of a private citizen in a lethal force encounter is different than the mission of a soldier or a cop in that same encounter.  The citizen simply wants the threat to go away.

There are some compelling arguments here, and they deserve consideration.


Anonymous said...

I've never been a LEO or in the military forces. Just an ordinary hunter / woods roamer. The one time I had to deal with 'a situation' was when I had a .22 pocket pistol (Erma - Excam .22lr RX22 in case the panel is paying attention :^) in an Uncle Mikes belt holster. Two illegal migrants were crossing our ranch and desperately needed water to continue their journey. We gave them a gallon of water and they were very happy to receive it.

I'm not pro illegal alien by any means, but realize the vast majority of them are just trying to make a better life for themselves. Since our government does nothing to stem it, in fact often encourage them to do so, I blame the U.S. government for this. If I were in their position, I would likely do the same. This illegal crossings in our region is very common - I live along the south Texas - Mexico border. I did not feel threatened by them and were treated respectfully so I returned the favor.

BUT I will ALWAYS be armed in the brush just in case the drug smuggler or bad guys do cross my path. My current EDC pistol there now is a Glock .45ACP, either a G21 or G30 along with a spare 2 full magazines that fit them.

Thank you for the link.

Jonathan H said...

I agree - as CCW'ers, all I am trying to do is get someone to stop bothering me. At legal self defense ranges, I can put a LOT of hurt on someone with a 22. Also, firing a gun in public will draw attention that many evil doers don't want.
Now, this is out and about in town; at my house things may be very different - I only have 1 neighbor within a half mile, and we are both used to each other shooting outside, so shots alone won't stop a situation. For this reason, at home I have a 9mm with 15 rounds at the ready, and both a rifle and a shotgun nearby.
At home, I have to be able to STOP the situation without outside help - so I don't count on a 22 for that, especially at night. Not only do I have guns ready, I always lock the door and I work with my neighbor and people up the road to discourage others from coming to the country to cause problems...

Old NFO said...

A gun is better than NO gun. And yes, trainers get hung up on 'their' situational training, never taking into account John Q Citizen just wants the threat to stop.

Anonymous said...

BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! Click click click....

Is it dead?