Monday, March 23, 2020

A Reminder

A great article by Evie Magazine telling us how the evil Chinese Communist government lied to us and exposed the entire globe to a worldwide health crisis.

It took us a little over four years to beat the Japanese during WWII, and after the smoke cleared, we set about trying Japanese generals and admirals for crimes against humanity.  It is too early yet to tell what the global death toll might be because the evil Chinese Communist government silenced the doctors who were working had to define the crisis.  Even when experts from a US medical team was allowed into the country, the Chinese government withheld information until they could no longer deny the existence of the threat.

Because of the evils of the Chinese government, we may never know the devastation that they caused their own people.  Their figures coming out of China now are suspect.  They lied to us when total transparency might have mitigated this disaster.

I am coming to the grim realization that my personal freedom must be curtailed for an indefinite period for the greater good of our nation.  When this is over, and we return to what may or not be some semblance of normality, I am calling on the US Government to sanction China until they present those officials to the scrutiny of a world tribunal to answer for crimes against humanity.

Publicly hanging those bastards would not be too severe.

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