Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Morning Dawg

It's a cool, crisp morning in central Louisiana.  We awoke to stars in the early morning sky and the dawn is progressing nicely.  Cool temps, it finally feels like autumn and a flannel shirt is just right as the dog and I trek out to the mailbox, looking for the newspaper.

No joy on the paper yet, but the internet gives us an interesting headline following the elections yesterday.
Louisiana turns blue again with big John Bel Edwards win; David Vitter says he’s not running again
Interesting take on Louisiana politics, but not entirely true.  Edwards is the first non-incumbent, statewide Democrat elected since 2003 in Louisiana, but don't look on him to be a bellwether.  John Bel Edwards is by all accounts a good man, and he was able to beat a soiled politico.  I look on the Edwards election as more an indicator of the outsider beating the establishment, which we might have here.  Of course, the fact that Vitter was damaged goods did nothing to help his campaign.

However, the Democrats shouldn't look on Edwards as the savior of the party.  He is still the only statewide elected Democrat and he had better learn to work with the other side of the aisle.  His Lieutenant Governor is a Republican, he Attorney General is a Republican, his Secretary of State is a Republican.

David Vitter says that he's not running again, and will finish his term in the US Senate.  That's good new for Louisiana.  Maybe Rob Maness will consider running again.  He ran a good race against Bill Cassidy, and I think that Rob would make a fine US Senator.  We'll see.

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