Tuesday, November 03, 2015

From Comments

Thanks everyone for the comments on the posting from yesterday.  PawPaw has been following the links, and found something that's truly interesting.

Milady has been looking for a riding skirt, and it looks like I found one that meets her specifications at River Junction.  I was concerned that it was authentic, so I called the folks at the number and talked to a nice lady there who told me that it has no zippers or snaps, it simply buttons.  That skirt looks like just the ticket.  Milady will have to hem it, but she hems things for the grandkids all the time.

Thanks, Steve, for the link.  I've got it bookmarked and I'll show it to my gal when I see her next.  We're both working late today, so I might not get home till she's already in bed.


Anonymous said...

10-4 good buddy. Hope the merchandise is what ya expect!

Anonymous said...

Oh and if you really want authentic; ask him about some of his original Derringers that he has.

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