Sunday, April 21, 2019

Cleaning Out The Freezer

Younger son is moving to Los Alamos, NM in mid May.  They've been planning this move for a while, and he's down to the last stages.  They came up to visit this weekend, and brought two pork butts that won't make the trip.

Younger son is an accomplished cook, to the point where he managed a barbecue house during college.  He made some sort of savory stuffing from onions, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and other goodies.  Then stuffed the pork butts and left them with me, giving me instructions on how to cook them.

So, last night about 9:00 I started the smoker and set the temp to 225.

Then I went to bed.  This morning I got up, made coffee, and went out to check the smoker.

This is working out just fine.  I'll let them rest there till he comes over in a couple of hours.  Then we'll run the beans into the smoker to get some smoke.  After another cup of coffee, I'll go open the shop and start cutting up potatoes for 'tater salad. 

Happy Easter, everyone.


DaveS said...

A happy and blessed Easter to you and your family as well!

Old NFO said...

He is Risen! Happy Easter to you and yours!

The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Glad they worked out!