Monday, November 04, 2013


We've had a trampoline in our side yard for about five years, the grandkids love it.  Recently, though, we had to change insurance carriers for our homeowner's insurance because Farmer's Insurance (hack, spit) decided that they didn't want to do business in the state of Louisiana.  So, I called the agent and we went with another carrier.  Saved a few bucks, too.

The guy came out last week and did an inspection, took pictures, made sure that there is actually a house standing here, then he left.  The insurance agent called this week.  "Do you have a trampoline?"

"Well, yeah", I replied.  "We've had one for several years"

"Oh, no," the agent said.  "Insurance companies hate trampolines.  Insurance companies won't insure anyone who has a trampoline.  Too much risk, too much liability."  He continued.  "Lots of folks buy those things, put them in their yards and never hear from their insurance company, as long as no one from the company comes out for an inspection.  As soon as they see the trampoline, they cancel the policy."

"Really?"  says I.

"Really" says he.  "I represent more than a couple insurance companies and none of them allow trampolines.  That trampoline has got to go.  Or I can't get insurance for you."

Evidently, trampolines are verboten on a homeowner's policy.  Take one guess what I disassembled as soon as I got home.  I'll go by the agent's tomorrow and sign a letter that the trampoline has vanished.


Anonymous said...

Don't give in to The Man.

Old NFO said...

Sad... And more nanny state crap...

Anonymous said...

I am an adjuster and I am required to report the presence of a trampoline when I am inspecting for any type of loss (no personal injury is necessary for this requirement).

This has nothing to do with government action NFO. The insurance company research shows a measurable and significant increase in injuries that cost them claim dollars. (Interestingly, this experience holds true even for trampolines that have the "guard" net around them).