Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Afternoon News Dump

Evidently, it was Black Friday today.  Drudge tells me that the search for the all-holy deal is getting a little rude.

Mall mayhem...Suspected shoplifter shot after dragging cop through KOHL's parking lot...Brawls...Woman uses stun gun in shopping fight...Man stabbed over parking spot...Shopper Kicked Out Of WALMART For Filming Fight...Man shot walking home with big screen...Shoppers Trampled In Race For $49 Tablet...SALVATION ARMY kettles stolen...REPORT: Profit margins jump for sales 'hoax'...
Really?  Someone stole the Salvation Army kettles?  Stun Gun?  Stabbed over a parking spot?

I'm glad I wasn't out there today.

In other news, Milady trotted down to the Dollar Store today and invested in real estate.  She bought a cat-house.

I've always wanted to own a cat-house.  Now I can say that I do.


Ed Jones said...

Does this mean cat is moving in? My daughter brought home a kitten a week ago, it has already cost me $60.

Skip said...

I hope you run it better than the gummint ran theirs.

Gerry N. said...

So, you've been homesteaded by The Cat. Now it needs a name. And we need some pictures of it taking possesion of The Cat House.

I'm putting in my selection of a name. Just call it "The Cat" or "Cat" for short. It won't care anyway.

I had a buddy who named the cat that homesteaded his place "Faucet Handle" because it figured out how to turn the kitchen faucet on to get a drink.

Gerry N.