Saturday, April 24, 2010

Le Roux

And old video from a Louisiana band, Le Roux, playing their signature hit, New Orleans Ladies.

This video is dated, coming from an old show called The Midnight Special. Still, it's the first music video of this song I've seen by the band. The song takes some lyrical license with geography. You can walk on Bourbon Street to Esplanade, but you can't walk from Bourbon Street to Esplanade. They intersect.

Still, it's a great song.

Milady and I love dancing to it.


J said...

As a lady once said to me when a Patsy Cline song started playing on the jukebox, "Man, I've polished some belt buckles to THAT song!"

"Creole Ladies" was recorded in 1978, 32 years ago. Go to the Leroux web site and you won't believe what those guys look like today. Well, maybe you will. . . .

J said...

From Leroux's web site re: Jeff Pollard, the awesome vocalist: "He is currently a pastor/elder of Providence Baptist Church in Ball, LA."

GunGeek said...

Actually, one could walk from Bourbon Street to Esplanade via Bayou Road without even considering any of the multi-street options.

Captain Nit-Pick to the rescue!!

J said...

Actually, I suspect the original lyrics were "...down Bourbon Street..." and not "...from Bourbon Street . . . ."