Thursday, April 15, 2010

Test guns

I don't get any test guns for this blog, nor for our e-zine The Frugal Outdoorsman. If you read about a gun in The Outdoorsman, it's one that Junior and I own.

Dave Petzal, who writes for Field and Stream, talks about test guns. Evidently, some of them don't work.
Right now, I’m testing for the magazine's "Best of the Best" section. Here’s what’s wrong with three of the six rifles I have:
That's gotta be a hell of a note Three out of six guns have something wrong with them.. One more quote from Dave:
One venerable gun company built a rifle for me with the cheekpiece on the wrong side of the stock.
Ha! I bet that looked strange. Many times we read about guns in the magazines and we're all astounded at the accuracy, fitting, and general utility of those firearms. As it turns out, if the gun is bad, they don't write about it.

I buy my guns locally from a dealer I trust. Many of them are used, and I understand that I might be getting a firearm with problems. It's part and parcel of the used gun trade. But, I've never gotten one that I couldn't fix, and I've never gotten one that plain-didn't-work.

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