Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flat-black people poppers

Tam finally understands why I (and lots of folks like me) can't get excited about a new whiz-bang pistol. Or rifle. My sentiments mirror her deputy friend:
"Well," he replied, "I reckon I like 'em well enough at work, but when you tote around these Flat-Black People Poppers all day long, they get kinda boring and they all look and work pretty much the same. Why would I want to play with them for fun, too?"
I carry a black gun at work, every day. As features come and features go, the different models and makes all seem to get more alike and there is less that differentiates any one from the other. They're working guns, plain and simple. I train with them, I carry and use and maintain them, and I'm not really interested in them.

Give me an old shotgun, a Smith and Wesson Model 10, or a nice wood stocked rifle and I get all drooly and finger-itching. It's good stuff. I prize my collection of vintage revolvers much more than the gun I carry to work every day.

One gun that I've been searching the pawn shops for is a nice example of a Ruger Blackhawk. If I can find a nice example in either .357 magnum or .45 Colt, I'll pick it up for my collection in a New York Second. I know, I know, I can get a new one, or troll the auction houses. I'd rather wait until the One comes along and I can buy it from under glass. I'm funny like that. When I think of all the used Blackhawks I've passed up over the years I could kick myself.

SayUncle has a picture of the new, 4th generation Glock, and it looks just like a Glock. Imagine that. I like SayUncle's site, but I can't get excited about another new black pistol.

However, Remington has made its 10-millionth 870 shotgun. That's something to celebrate!

Hat tip to both Tam, and SayUncle.


Old NFO said...

I've got to agree Paw- I like to 'touch' a gun before I buy it. Not that I don't trust people, it's just that I want to be able to satisfy myself before I plop down what is becoming more and more money for an older pistol or rifle.

Rich Jordan said...

Most of my small assortment are older... milsurps mostly. I'd like to get an AR and a 'black' (not Glock though) pistol because, after all, the wood, steel, parkerized relics I own were once the 'ugly military style' people poppers of earlier eras. In 30-40 years, who knows? Perhaps a nice old AR and that antique polymer pistol will have that same cachet. Someday, when I escape crook county ill-annoy and get back to America, I'll have them.

Anonymous said...

I'm old enough and lucky enough that I have or have had nearly every firearm I've wanted. One remaining to find and own, is a Ruger Blackhawk in .41 Magnum. I dunno why that caliber is dear to me, it doesn't do anything others do better. I've got a T-C Contender with several barrels including one in .41 mag, but it doesn't move me the way a Blackhawk with the shorter barrel does.

One of these days.

Gerry N.