Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Fence Project

The fence project continues, and I'm hoping my body can hold up till it is finished. During the early '80's, I wrested a family ranch from a ten acre briar patch. I cleared land, swung an axe, stretched fence and built a barn. For twenty years, I ran a couple of times a week, to stay ready for the Army's PT test I had to take twice a year. The last couple of years I knew I was slowing down, but was able to keep up with the young warriors I supervised. When I retired in 1999, I quit running. My police duties kept me moving, though, and my current posting has me climbing stairs regularly, so I thought that for a 50-something year old man, I was in pretty fair shape.

I was in error. When I began this fence project at the start of the month, I knew that I was going to be a little sore, but just damn. Every muscle in my body is aching. I have dug post holes, mixed concrete, lifted pipe and lumber, and operated shovels, hoes, and power tools. In short, I have done things I haven't done in twenty years.

The project continues, and progress, while slow, is measureable. The posts are in the ground, concreted, and the hardware has been installed on the metal posts. The first gate has been hung and the other one will be built and hanged tomorrow. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, it will be finished. I hope that I am healthy enough to enjoy it.

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oyster said...

Well, please don't break your back Dennis! No sense in that.

My sister is fencing some acreage for her horses up in Ohio in her spare time-- I really don't know how she does it.