Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Shooting

Today after church, we went out to my private range to do a little tuneup with the rifles we'll use for hunting this year. I had three grandsons with me and a variety of firearms to determine who'd use what if the opportunity presented itself.

I verified the zero on the rifles I'm going to use, then sat the grandkids down at the bench and let them try. Everyone needed tutoring and we learned who shoots what rifle best. Grandson Ethan shoots the ugly rifle easily. We were shooting 8" paper plates and steel gongs. Ethan was able to tag the 9" gong at will. When he hunts with me, he'll shoot the ugly rifle.

Grandson Jeffrey showed an affinity for the .30-30, as did Grandson Quinton. Both of them were able to ring the gong with the .30-30 Handi. Jeffrey decided to try for the 6" gong and hit it easily at 100 yards.

Once the kids got finished with their tuneup, my soon-to-be daughter-in-law wanted to try a couple of rifles. She picked the Remington 700 in .308.

Although she could ring the gong with it, the length of pull was a little long. She tried the ugly rifle and professed a preference for that stock. She also shot the .45-70 Handi and surprised us by ringing the gong with that rifle as well.

Then, of course, my elder son had to try the .45-70.

He was able to ring the gong as well with that rifle. After he finished, we packed up an came home. It's not unpleasant to shoot with family on a Sunday afternoon

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