Monday, February 26, 2007

Write your Congressman

As I have often said in this space, I think it behooves each of us to write our Congressman frequently. If you don't write him or her, then they have no way of knowing what you think about a particular issue. And nothing strikes home like a Post Office Delivered, Hand Signed Letter.

I just wrote my Congresscritter about HB1022, the new Assault Weapons Ban. Many of you can probably predict my feelings about this steaming pile of legislation. If you can't, my letter is here:
Dear Congressman XXXX

A bill pending before the Congress, HB 1022 purports to be new legislation to reinstitute the Assault Weapons Ban. As you know, certain firearms were banned under the first assault weapons ban that sunsetted in 2004. The DOJ study on the effects of the ban released in 1999, said that a significant impact on gun related crime as a result of the ban was not seen nor expected, given the fact that “assault weapons” were only very rarely used in crime.

Targeting a certain group of firearms based on cosmetic and ergonomic features that have no impact whatsoever on the weapons’ lethality simply does not make sense to me.

In my opinion, we should target the people who commit crimes, rather than the tools they use. Regardless, the weapons listed in this bill are very seldom used to commit any crime.

As there has been no substantive evidence presented that an assault weapons ban had any significant effect on reducing crime, and as it represents a serious infringement on Second Amendment rights that has produced no worthwhile public safety benefit, I respectfully urge you to oppose any effort to renew the ban.

I also request a response about your views on this most important matter.

Write your Congressman. It's important.

Hat tip to Xavier

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Walter Jeffries said...

What really ticks me off is this ban on nuclear weapons. George has them. Why can't I?!? Geezzzs. :)

Seriously though, I totally agree with you about writing our legislators, at state and federal levels. If we don't give them direction then they're running on empty or worse, controlled by Big-Biz special interest groups.

Town meeting day was yesterday here in Vermont. We went, we talked, we voted. See my blog for details on this little bit of Democracy.