Monday, July 10, 2017


To me, the greatest distinction between President Obama and President Trump is the way that they treat the military in public.  I'm not talking about the generals, or the admirals.  They can retire anytime they get ready, I'm talking about the "lesser mortals" who serve from the ranks, and often are given jobs that are dirty, unpleasant, or demeaning.

Most of those young-unss suck it up, knowing that no job in the military is demeaning in the service o the country.  If their leaders share the discomfort, or serve the troops in a way that is human and caring, the troops suck it up, simply as a part of the job.

The first image, I recall from the Obama years.  The President is giving an address in the Rose Garden, and it's a drizzly, rainy day.  Of course, a young Marine was assigned to hold an ubrella so that the president could be protected from the elements.

That photo galled me when I saw it.  No competent leader would have allowed that young Marine to stand in the rain, holding that umbrella, and for me, the image describes the contempt that Obama frequently displayed for the military.  It is as if they were there to serve him.

In contrast, a more recent image.  President Trump is approaching, Marine One, the helicopter that ferries him around.  The young Marine private standing at the boarding ladder loses his hat in the wind.  President Trump, of course, without thinking, retrieves the hat and places it back on the Marine's head.  A small gesture, but one with humility, caring, and appreciation.

Great leaders serve the troops.  They feed them, clothe them, and genuinely care about the people who carry out their orders.  Whether NCO, or officer, great leaders take care of the troops before they take care of themselves.  This small, entirely human gesture of President Trump retrieving a hat and placing it back on the Marine's head, speaks volumes about the difference between the Obama years and the Trump years.

President Obama had young Marines hold an umbrella.
President Trump serves the troops.


Anonymous said...

Contrast THAT to what Trump's opponent in the election said about dead service members "At this point, what DIFFERENCE does it make?"

Mark D

Anonymous said...

Remember, Donald Trump attended a military academy, so he experienced the required discipline of military service. Other presidents, especially during the past 20 years, did not serve actively. The ones who did respect the members of their protection and military with higher regard - look it up !

Good on Donald Trump, he continues to impress me with the way he carries himself.

Jack said...

In Oct 1969 I was awaiting orders overseas at Homestead AFB, FL,

~ 20 miles South of Miami. Our ostensible business was keeping

an eye on Comrade Fidel, & the Soviet sub base under construction

at Cienfuegos, Cuba.

One afternoon I was outside the hangar having a smoke when a MiG-17

went whisting down the flight line, buzzed the tower, climbed to

scrub off speed, turned over, and landed right behind the alert

birds rolling to shoot him down.

Lt. Jimenez started off his career in the Land of the Free by parking

his MiG-17 right next to AF1, sitting in front of Base Ops...

RN was away, that day, on business in Miami. He was

very much in evidence the next day - The MiG was parked in my hangar,

& we had friendly fellows sporting Uzis keeping an eye on us while

the Prez checked out Lt. Jimenez' ride.

Makes you realize how restful a mere war can be... :)