Sunday, February 19, 2017

Best President?

It seems that historians are already talking about President Obama.  Politico ranks him at #12, overall.
"That Obama came in at number 12 his first time out is quite impressive," Douglas Brinkley, a Rice University professor and C-SPAN adviser, said in a press release.
Don Surber is a little more critical of the Obama years.
 Obama leaves the White House having achieved nothing positive on the economic front, nothing positive on the international front, and nothing positive on the domestic front.
He’s the best black president, though, and given the way he poisoned the racial well, he’s likely to hold that status for quite a while.

Obama was our affirmative action president.   He was the liberal dream-boat, but I can't see anything positive out of his tenure.  His lasting legacy will be nailed down over the next 20 years, but I think that 12th is overly optimistic.  I'm no expert on the presidency, and I'm certainly not an historian, but I'd rank him near the bottom of the presidents during my lifetime.


thinkingman said...

The burning question is, of course, WHO was asked that this obviously BS gross overestimation of Barry's worth as a president was reached, and then actually published as though it is fact? As one who, living in AZ, is currently subjected to a 100 plus percent increase in Obamacare premiums and increased deductibles ( again ), as well as the lingering consequences of a virtually non existent show of border security ( and NO, turning people away at the border because they have not one piece of identity documentation does NOT constitute a deportation, no matter that the previous POTUS held that it did ) to spice up my every day7 life with increaesd criminal threat from run of the mill crooks who happen to NOT be US citizens, right on down to MS13 and MS18 , AKA "the mexican mafia ", hard core organized crime goons. Couple that with Barry's total foot dragging failure at foreign policy ( that is a Red Line, BUTTTT... we need ALL the facts first before we act, going to get to the bottom of it --- yet no action was taken, again and again and again. Remember Open Mic moments as related to foreign policy and RUSSIANS. And let's not forget the great disservice to taxpayers- UNLIMITED welfare ( NO TIME LIMIT! )and yes, OBAMAPHONES! More stuff payed for by working stiffs to subsidize those who will not work. It shall take trump and company years to drain the swamp and set things right as House and senate Dimmocrats work not in the interest of the country, but in the interest of Obstruction no matter how it violates their oaths of office. The list of domestic failure and power grabs are too numerous to list and small business crushing regulations and the death of jobs caused by same. I could go on, but the picture is there for all with eyes and sense to see it.
Don't bother trying to flame me ; I only listen to reason and logic, not liberal snowflake PC nonsense, blathered by whomever.

Anonymous said...

But when you pack the other 44 presidents into the top 11 all becomes clear!


Titan MK6B said...

I would say he ranks about 50. Worse than all the rest and some to come.

Monty James said...

He was our historic first, and last, black president. As the joke goes.