Monday, December 26, 2016

Saint Stephen's Day

Saint Stephen's Day, or the feast of St. Stephen is December 26th, the day after Christmas in the Roman calendar.  St. Stephen is considered the first martyr, killed because he exhorted Jesus Christ.  History tells us he was stoned, following a trial.

Martyrdom isn't simply something that we read about in our history lessons, a vestige of a barbaric past.  No, it's happening today all over the Middle East.  We've seen the images and we've read the articles, and we know that people all over the world, particularly in the Middle East are being persecuted, beaten, enslaved, and killed simply for being Christian.    As Ralph Peters points out, Christian persecution is pervasive in many parts of the world.
The 2,000-year-old Middle-Eastern Christian civilization that began in the days of St. Stephen lies in ruins, persecuted as never before.  As the Obama administration averted its self-righteous gaze, a religious genocide already underway accelerated across the region.  Stubborn and dogmatic, the administration refused to acknowledge the problem of Christian refugees—those who’d survived the kidnappings, tortures, rapes, massacres and broad religious cleansing—even to the extent of labeling those who wished to help Christians as bigots.
In Obama’s global village, there’s no room at the inn for Christian refugees. There’s not even a stable.
President Obama has been in search of his legacy, and as his administration grows to an end, the failure to offer the hand of assistance to Christian refugees may be his

I will celebrate St. Stephen's Day today as I putter around the house.

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Old NFO said...

Well said, THAT will be one of his legacies, wanted or not.