Sunday, June 12, 2016


So, this Mohameten asshole calls 911 and swears allegiance to ISIS, then goes inside a nightclub in Orlando and starts murdering people.  Yeah, really.  And our President says that we shouldn't rush to judgement on his motive.
Apparently Omar Mateen making a call to 911 to swear allegiance to the Islamic State before massacring 50 innocents in the nightclub isn’t definitive enough for the leader of the free world.
Yeah, that asshole (I'm talking about our President here, not the murderous Mohametan asshole) can't seem to believe that when someone calls the police and says they're part of ISIS, that a terror attack can't have a motive without a detailed investigation.  Especially since the FBI has already investigated him for links to terrorism.

But, then , the President makes a call for gun control.
And in typical Obama style, he went on to shame the country for owning guns, shaking his finger at Americans and asking, “if this is the kind of country we want to be.” He scowled and scolded Americans for not sacrificing their rights while completely ignoring the Islamic elephant in the room.
We still have a lot to learn about the Mahometan asshole and I'm sure that the fine police officers heading the investigation will give us a full postmortem in the coming days.

We know everything we need to know about the asshole in the Oval Office.  He'd rather blame guns than radical Islamic terrorism.


kamas716 said...

Progressives don't believe the things they are saying, so why should they believe the things other people say? It's why they are so disconnected from conservatives, libertarians and other classical liberals. So far in fact that they have a very difficult time understanding how anyone else thinks. The only things they believe are the little narratives playing in their heads, regardless of reality. For them the _only_ thing that matters is the little world they live in, everything else is just someone trying to infringe on their 'reality'.

Jonathan H said...

By all reports, the villain was a licensed armed security guard - even if guns were banned, he still would have had access to them, in the way that armed guards can have weapons that the public can't in anti-gun places like New York, Massachusetts, California, Illinois (finally changing there) and particularly in good old England where all pistols and semi auto rifles are banned but guards can have both as well as (in some instances) machine guns.