Thursday, January 15, 2015

EPA Is At It Again

Is everyone enjoying those low(er) gasoline prices, and the economic boom that they've driven?  Well, don't worry, the EPA is introducing new regulations that will put an end to the gas boom.
The new rules that the White House announced on Wednesday aim to cut oil emissions of methane, a target of environmental groups, by 45% below 2012 levels, despite the fact that the emissions already show a sharp decline even as shale oil and gas production has skyrocketed.
The White House, is of course, pandering to the base, and his actions show that the middle class is the least of his worries.  Higher gas prices for us.  Not his concern.
 You’d almost think the guy in the White House had once promised that energy prices would rise to very high levels under his administration.
Oh, wait...

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