Wednesday, June 18, 2014

President Asterisk

James Taranto pens an interesting column in the Wall Street Journal today, discussing the IRS scandal, and gives us one of two scenarios, both plausible, both defensible, and both explainable.

The first scenario:
If Obama, his campaign or his White House aides are directly implicated in the IRS's abuses, this will be another cancer on the presidency, remediable by resignation or impeachment.
The second scenario:
But if the IRS acted without direction from above--if it "went rogue" against the Constitution and in support of the party in power--then we are dealing with a cancer on the federal government. That, it seems to us, is a far direr diagnosis, one whose treatment is likely to be radical and risky.
Tarantos column covers all the arguments, with links, and it's interesting reading.  By all means, go over there and read it. 

In the first scenario, if true, it shows that our President is not an honorable man.  In fact, it would show that he's a scurrilous individual, dishonest, conniving, incapable of  ethics, and culpable on a level that makes him unworthy of the office.

The second scenario, if true, tells us other things about our President.  If he knows about a government agency "going rogue" and does not immediately appoint a prosecutor to criminally prosecute those employees who threaten our government, then it shows us that our President is a  scurrilous individual, dishonest, conniving, incapable of ethics, and culpable on a level that makes him unworthy of the office.

Choose your scenario, and tell me, at this point, what difference it makes? 

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Old NFO said...

None... We're screwed either way...