Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Operation Choke Point

Suppose there's a business, perfectly legal, but there is a perception that the business might not be perfectly clean, that there is an opportunity for graft, and that the Justice Department doesn't like them.  It's easy to let the banks know that those businesses are going to be getting a lot of scrutiny, and that the banks that handle their accounts might be getting a lot of scrutiny.  Subpoenas, regulators, audits, and it might be easier to just not open accounts for those businesses, although the business itself is perfectly legal.  You've got Operation Choke Point, a DOJ operation against businesses it just doesn't like.
It's not only adult stars that are being targeted. Justice Departmenttargetsinclude industries as diverse as ammunition sales, coin dealers, payday loans, "racist materials," etc. And, again, these are all legal businesses that haven't been charged with breaking any laws — the Justice Department just doesn't like them.
So what we have under "Operation Choke Point" is the government deciding it wants to put the squeeze on certain lines of (legal) business, for no other reason than that the Department of Justice doesn't favor them. It seems almost like some sort of conspiracy to deprive people of their civil rights.
Nice business you've got there, it would be a shame if anything happened to it.  Like all the bank accounts being closed.

President Obama's administration is looking more and more like a corrupt, racketeering organization.

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Jerry The Geek said...

"President Obama's administration is looking more and more like a corrupt, racketeering organization."

You JUST NOW noticed that?