Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Train Wreck

Now that the unimaginable threat of default is past, and the contractors are back at work, I guess that we can turn our attention to Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, which has been described as a slow-motion train wreck.

I've seen a few train wrecks in my time and even the slow moving ones are train wrecks, so whether the wreck is slow moving or not, you're still left with a train wreck.  I've been reading a few articles this morning, and none is so damning as the one written by Conrad Black, at National Review.  The entire article is worth reading, but this one excerpt caused me to blow Diet Coke through my nose.
It is scandalous that there remains such a sadistic determination to inflict this measure, unaltered, on the country that does not want it, even though it has been launched and has sunk, without a ripple, as soon as it cleared the slipways, as the entire system of joining up and doing as this insane measure purports to require is impossible.
I would disagree with Mr. Black that the ship has sunk coming off the slipways.  More accurately, the friction from the slipways has started a smoldering fire, and the derelict hulk now floats forlornly in the harbor, resisting all efforts at salvage.  It is an eerily disturbing sight.  One can't take their eyes from it.

Nick Gillespie of the Beast tells us that: is a colossal, expensive failure that projects a 1970s-era DMV experience into cyberspace. It wasn’t for lack of money.
The Miami Herald says that finding a Floridian who successfully navigated the site is approaching urban legend.
 The Miami Herald searched high and low for individuals who completed enrollment for a subsidized health plan through the marketplace, also called an exchange, launched by the federal government on Oct. 1 in 36 states, including Florida.
Without success, apparently.

We're told that the Affordable Care Act is now the law of the land, and we'd better get used to it.  I am reminded that laws often change, appeals seem to drag on forever, and even convicted murderers sit on Death Row for years before their final date with the needle.  Many are wondering which newspaper will first break the story that the White House is thinking about delaying Obamacare

They can't delay it.  But they can't make it float, either.  It's a smoldering wreck, floating in the harbor for all to see.  There's no more delaying it, no more obscuring the fact or the news cycle.  This thing is a disaster, and it's got our President's name all over it.

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Old NFO said...

I think this is ALL about forcing us to single payer, and the Gov TRULY taking control of health care...