Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Emperor's Clothes

Like many Americans I'm watching the kabuki theater that is Washington DC this week,  and I'm amused at the power struggle between the President and John Boehner.  After a week of government shutdown, the sky hasn't fallen, the mail gets delivered (after a fashion), and the only real inconvenience has been the inconveniences that the Obama administration has put on The People to make them aware that we're in a shutdown.  In short, it's been a temper tantrum.  A tantrum easily ignored by adults.

Now we're faced with an historic default, and the kabuki theater kicks into high gear.  We positively can't let that happen, because there will  be an earth-shattering ka-boom, comets will fall from the sky, and we'll all be faced with certain financial ruin.  Or will we?

I've always maintained that the smaller the government, the better for The People, and when a politician makes a promise he can't keep, he won't keep it.  Promises that can't be kept won't be.  Things that can't go on forever, won't go on forever.

So, I'm wondering how many of the threats we've heard this week will come to pass, and how much of the gloom-and-doom is actually on the way?  While I'm convinced that a default might be historic, I'm not convinced that it will bring the end of the world, and I'm frankly curious to see if anyone would really notice.

I also wonder if the Emperor has any clothes?


Old NFO said...

Nope, butt nekid, but nobody will call him on it cause it would be racist... sigh

Gerry N. said...

I, too am wondering what will happen if the .gov defaults. Perhaps that'll be the trigger that rids us of much of the D.C. Bloated beaurocracy. I'd like to see the end of the cabinet agencies not mentioned in the Constitution, Federal Income Tax (how was Gov't. funded before 1913 anyway?) The Dept. of Defense returned to the Dept. of War, and myriad other returns to our roots as a nation.

Where did the idea that toilets and light bulbs needed federal regulation come from? We need the Federal Government out of our daily lives. Think what could happen if Civil Service was no longer a sinecure for the malevolent and incompetent.