Thursday, May 16, 2013


During what is arguably the worst week of his presidency, President Obama hosted the Turkish Prime Minister and held a joint press conference in the rose garden.  It began to rain, and we get this lovely photo.

I've looked at other photos of the event, and the poor Marine in question is obviously a sergeant.  A decorated sergeant of Marines.  Does our President think that this young warrior is an umbrella stand?

The optics are very poor, and while there may be precedent, I've never seen it.  These young Marines serve their President faithfully, with honor and dignity and he uses them to hold umbrellas?  The optics are bad, they're demeaning to those who serve faithfully, and it only serves to underscore the contempt that the President holds for the Armed Services.  President Obama has never served and in my view is unfit to command Marines.  Or Soldiers, or Airmen, or Sailors.  They are certainly not there to hold his fricking umbrella.


Rivrdog said...

How about the "optic" of an Islamic flag flying next to Old Glory?

THAT is the optic Obama wanted to sell.

Old NFO said...

Gotta agree with both you and rivrdog... dammit...