Thursday, May 16, 2013

Holder's Abdication

When President Obama was elected, he appointed Eric Holder to run the Justice Department.  The Attorney General has wide-ranging powers, with the FBI and other agencies under his supervision and he is tasked, as are all federal appointees, with protecting and defending the Constitution.

We learned yesterday that he has recused himself from certain functions of his office, even those functions that are required by law.  He told Congress yesterday that he didn't know what, when, nor how things happened in the subpoena to seize the Associated Press telephone records. 
Why didn’t his Justice Department inform the Associated Press, as the law requires, before pawing through reporters’ phone records?

“I don’t know what happened there,” Holder replied. “I was recused from the case.”
Really?  Recused?  That is the lamest excuse for leadership I've ever heard, and it would get laughed out of any officer's gathering anywhere in the Armed Forces.

A leader cannot recuse himself.  Judges recuse themselves from cases for conflict of interest, but a leader is responsible for everything his organization does OR FAILS TO DO.  That's a hallmark of leadership, and every shavetail lieutenant learns that lesson early and often.  You can't recuse yourself from responsibility, you can't brush it off on someone else, you can't do anything but fix it.  An officer can delegate authority, but he cannot delegate responsibility.

Eric Holder, with that simple answer, has demonstrated once again that  he is unfit for an office with responsibility.  He is probably malfeasant, and chargeable as such under one or another of the Federal codes.  If President Obama accepts that answer, he is also malfeasant, which is either a high crime or a misdemeanor.

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