Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Sour Grapes

It looks like our President is having a case of the vapors over the sequestration, which was his idea in the first place.  If he can't have everything his way, and if the cuts don't immediately cripple the government, then his narrative is in danger and one thing that can't happen is for the narrative to fail.  So, he's making the cuts as painful as possible.  Like cancelling White House tours.
The White House announced Tuesday that it was canceling all public tours of the president’s home because of the sequester spending cuts.
Never mind that the White House belongs to The People, and he's just the current caretaker.  We can't even tour our own house because we cut about 2% of the money.  And, Fox News reports that a leaked email says that any cuts shouldn't derail the current narrative about how draconian these cuts might be.
Griffin told Fox News on Wednesday that the bosses effectively said, “You can’t do anything that is inconsistent with the negative impact that we’ve told everybody these cuts are going to have.”
These tiny cuts in the reduction of federal spending would hardly be felt if they were managed properly.  Interestingly we wouldn't need any of this drama if the government had a budget, something we have't had for four years.  Our government subsists on continuing resolutions because our Congress, specifically the Democratically controlled US Senate has not passed a budget in over four years.

This "sour grapes" mode of government highlights just how petulant and childish our President has become.  It appears that he is actively trying to damage the government simply because he can't have his way on budget issues.

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Gerry N. said...

Well, that's what happens when 51% of the viters want a petulant, self absorbed, superannuated toddler.

Someone needs to give Fauxbama an industrial strenght wedgie. While his huggies are around his ears he may just hear some bells ringing.

Gerry N.